Thursday, May 29, 2008

Aprons for Mother's Day

These are two aprons I whipped up for Mother's Day for my Grandmas. The first is for my Grandma Haack. I love the cute little pocket on this one.

The second was for my Grandma Stilling. This was the first one I made. She is always wearing little half aprons when we go over and I was currently in the middle of an apron swap on one of the board I frequent. So, when we were trying to decide what to get her I thought of an apron. Toby was laughing at me as I made it, but he later admitted that it was perfect for her, even the print.

One of the great things about this apron is that when my Grandma H moved she packed a box of sewing stuff for me. One of the things in that box was the trim on this apron. The trim smells like my Grandma. It was nice to think of her as I was sewing!

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