Friday, March 9, 2007

Bonding Time

Well, everything is going great. Kona and Rusty are still great friends and manage to run off a lot of energy together. When Kona is napping Rusty will lie next to her and wait. Every time she turns over or makes any noise Rusty's tail starts going hoping she is finally waking up. However, they do sometimes sleep at the same time and it is so cute!

Saturday, March 3, 2007


(as in coffee)
It is hard to remember when Rusty was that little. He looks huge next to her. However, in no time she'll tower over him and he won't know what hit him. Right now Rusty is very happy to have a new playmate and he will not leave her alone. Poor thing can't even pee by herself. We actually had to leave him inside on one of her trips out just to give her some peace.
Kona is very playful and she isn't afraid to jump right onto Rusty. Unlike Rusty she doesn't cower. She gets right in there and growls at him.
And, Rusty hasn't bitten the couch since she got here. Right now he is stationed outside her crate waiting for her to wake up so that she can come back out and play. Every once in awhile he lets out a little whine. Waiting is hard!