Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hammering Around

So, hoping for some accountability here... I've been meaning to implement more purposeful activities with Ben and also to figure out how in the world to get things like dinner cooked and the dishes done without resorting to the television. On Sunday I tried an old favorite- baking soda and water- and it was a hit the first day. The last two days he has played with it a little, but not much more than that. It is interesting to see how rigid he can still be. The second time I made it I forgot to give him his firetruck to drive in it and he was not happy. So, Picture you ask? And, yeah, he's not wearing pants, but you'll see nothing...
Then today I finally gathered all the supplies for a special hammering activity. I believe it is to develop one to one correspondence, but Ben turned it into a hammering acitivty as I thought he might. He had little interest in lining up the marbles. He did do a few, but then he would go to hammer and would knock that one off. We did use the activity to talk about shapes and encourage him to make certain ones. But, as you can see in the pics, he really was just about the task at hand- getting those golf tees all the way in.
And, the girl was around... She is content with a simple colorful toy tossed on her tray. Relaxing with her shirt untucked because she was just the recipient of a mama massage with coconut oil- lucky girl.