Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Cool Dogs

At the end of June, I know I need to post more, we watched Viktor, my in-laws german shephard. For the most part it went OK. He never peeded in our house which surprised me because he seems to do that every time we visit and he really seems to like Rusty. Vik is really possesive of food, but for whatever reason he let Rusty eat out of his food bowl. They would just sort of switch bowls in the middle of eating. Unfortuatly, I had to switch them back so that I didn't end up with a sick Vik, but I thought it was cute. Vik, however, did not like Kona. I think that she may be a little to active for him in his old age. As long as we watched them it seemed to go OK. He only drew blood once! Anyways, we took pictures when he was here to give his Mom. I just thought I should share because they turned out cute. Rusty wasn't as cooperative so his picture isn't included.

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