Saturday, December 23, 2006

My Puppy is Growing

Rusty at 9 Weeks

Rusty at 8 months

I can't believe how much my little dog grew! I developed some digital photos at Wal-mart for Toby's gift to his mom and I decided to develop some pictures of Rusty as well. When I looked at them I saw this tiny little dog that looked so small next to all of his toys. I remember when he couldn't even jump on the couch and now he is jumping up onto our bed.

He has started this thing where he will cry by the bedroom door at about 10pm until I go let him in. Then he will go wait by the bed until I lift him up there to go to sleep.
His other new trick is that if he wants attention he will go to the back door and cry to go out, but as soon as you get up to open the door he runs around and wants to play chase. Smart dog!

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