Thursday, August 28, 2008

OK, distraction explained

I lost one of my jobs, but more importantly, my volunteer position. I wish I had some great story of how that happened, but I don't. I was informed that it wasn't working out for me or them. Hmm, thanks for letting me know. I spent a couple of days upset. I thought about it a lot, prayed about it, and talked to an attorney. I am sure that there is a reason for this and hope that it becomes clear eventually. But, until then I have turned it over to God and have already seen his answer many time this week.

On the other hand, my new job is going great and I am really enjoying it. There is a ton of driving as I am working in another county, but so far so good. I have been meeting my partner at the park & ride and have been carpooling so that has saved a lot of gas.

And, yesterday was my birthday and so many people called, wrote, emailed, and posted on my myspace/facebook. I've never had my birthday so noticed and this was one where I really needed that.

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