Saturday, May 19, 2007

Moving Day

When we first got Kona I knew I would want to find her a crate. So, I posted on Madison Freecycle and someone replied with an offer for a medium crate. I knew that we would eventually need to get a bigger one as this one was the same size as Rusty's and Kona was certainly going to be bigger than that. Well, the time came (at only 4 months) that I knew I needed to start looking again. I scoured Craigslist every day looking for a bigger crate, but people were asking way too much money. I was going to give in and get a beaten up cheap one when I decided to post on freecycle again just in case. I posted that I needed something at least a little bigger to buy us a little more time. Much to my surprise I received a response for a large crate. I went to pick it up and the thing almost didn't fit in the Jetta. I was almost speechless when I saw it. Our last one was OK, but it had rust and you could tell it was old. This new one is in like-new condition and it is almost exactly like Rusty's (except MUCH larger). One thing that makes this nice is that it has handles that click the top and bottom together instead of screws. I can't believe our luck. This new one is a $150 crate for free. God is good! Now Rusty has his Furrari and Kona her Innovator.
Kona enjoying her new DigsAs you can see, Kona was getting a little small for her old house
Kona entertaining
FYI: Kona look smaller in this picture,
but she is MUCH bigger than Rusty

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